Laws, Ethics & Principles

In magic there is a principle known as the Law of Threefold Return, or karma! This belief says that whatever you send out is returned to you threefold. It's just a poetic way of saying that your actions will return to you- for good or bad, and that you need to think before you act.
This principle is often quoted for the benefit of people outside of Wicca as a way of dispelling myths about those who "abuse" their power to send out curses.

It is a common-sense way of alerting people to the consequences of their actions & reminding them to pause before deciding what action is really needed. It's not a hard fast law, that what you send out comes back literally threefold, for example: If I give a box of sweets to someone I don't recive three boxes back! However, kind acts make the world kinder, even by a very small amount.

In short the law of return is a spiritual truth and an ethical guideline.